Monday Blues: My Journey to Happiness – Week 2

After reviewing the feedback that I received last week, I’ve decided to give those recommended books a shot. Surprisingly, the first one was quite an easy read, though I must admit that I haven’t been able to stay afloat due to some events that had arise (see The Reboot: What happens when it fails?). More or less, I have continued to apply to different companies, really just to get my foot out of retail and into something new. I have successfully landed an interview that just took place today, albeit not at a company that I myself applied to, but rather I was contacted by their recruiter. Let’s recap.

Tuesday was quite an experience when I apparently had my first full blown panic attack. I had to leave work early to see a doctor right away as I had no clue what was wrong with me, and that’s the scariest feeling ever. This experience pushed me to explore even further out of my comfort zone and to look for jobs that might spark an interest in the field some time in the future.

Wednesday was utilized heavily to research different job and career possibilities, that’s when I received an email from a recruiter. Due to the nature of the business, I am unable to disclose any type of information regarding the company or whom I spoke with. I went from responding to the email, to getting a phone screen, to scheduling an interview, all in the matter of about three hours. Probably the most efficient job non-application process I’ve ever had. I was overall satisfied with the progress, and it was probably the most happiest moment that I’ve experienced in quite a while.

Thursday I returned to work and felt a ton better. Knowing that I have options and that I’m still in the game makes my current job more tolerable.

Friday I was expected to connect with the recruiter just to review the contents of the interviewing process that I should expect, I called her and left a message but never heard back, she must have been busy? However, I did receive an email from a different recruiter that must be following up with my process as she emailed me the details for the interview.

Saturday marked the end of the work week for me. I’ve discussed with colleagues their potential to move up or move on. Bare in mind that majority of my coworkers feel like my kids to me. I’ve played a decently relevant role in most of my past and current coworkers’ career paths and I feel anything I do or say may just alter their opinions about the company as a whole. We’ve discussed how grateful I truly am for being given the opportunity to work in such a well established company – granted I don’t completely love the direction that it’s going in at this point in time, but I did once upon a time, honestly loved my job.

Sunday was just about the most relaxing day I’ve ever had. I had to make a quick trip to the mall to pick up some pants for my coming interview. Seeing that I haven’t eaten yet, a particular friend came to mind. We met up for lunch and he accompanied me on my search for the perfect pair of pants. Shopping was completed relatively quickly so we made a quick trip to one of the hiking trails nearby (one that I didn’t even know existed) and we just did an obscene amount of photographing and filming. It was the most fun I’ve had in ages and the whole day just did wonders for my soul. I am forever thankful for this friend and we discussed the possibility of him being my P.A. shall this blog really flourish in the future, he didn’t accept nor reject – I have hope!

Today came and went just like that. I went in for my interview and felt that it went decent. Given the circumstances I can’t exactly say that it went 100% as I never applied for the job in the first place. A lot of the questions that were asked didn’t really pertain to me and I just felt uneasy. This is the issue with interviews, when I don’t absolutely want it, I don’t think I do as well. Even so, the people I interviewed with seemed to like me, the recruiter in particular was extremely friendly. She set the expectation that she’d call with feedback and the status of my application by the end of the business day today. Well, it is now 7:10PM PST. My impression of the end of a business day is usually 5:00PM or 6:00PM. I’m beginning to think that this recruiter is either extremely busy or just extremely forgetful. Whatever the situation, I’m not getting the best impression about this company at the moment and am beginning to get cold feet.

On a lighter note, I’m expecting a phone screen for a position that I actually did apply for tomorrow morning so I have that to look forward to! Before I linger for too long, I should probably go do more research on this company as the nature of the job is relatively similar to that of what I had applied for at Automattic, making me even more excited!

Just to get this off my chest: Don’t be afraid to venture away from a “stable” job. Job stability and security is great until you’re stuck. I know people in the same situation as I am and they don’t look too happy in my opinion. I’ve already broken down once due to my job and I refuse to let that reoccur. As much as I enjoy the pay for the auto-pilot work (for me, anyway – others seem to have a lot of difficulty trying to figure this job out even if it has been years), I need to get out of this Fortune 500 world. It’s simply not where I want to be anymore. Like I said, I will be forever grateful for the opportunity and the experience this company has put on my resume, but at the end of the day, I’m just at the bottom of the totem pole even after six years of employment. I’m not a failure, it’s not like I haven’t tried, but I’ve just simply lost all hope for advancement in this company due to many, many reasons – and they’re not personal.

This was Week 2.
See Week 1

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