Monday Blues: My Journey to Happiness – Week 3

I’ve finally received a response from the recruiter that I was working with on Thursday. Though I did not get the position, she had intended to have me move forward at another department. After having experienced her inability to keep call promises, I politely declined and indicated that I was not interested in the aspect of work that she had planned on having me interview for. To be honest, it was a rather negative interviewing experience. It was nothing against the company but I would rather work with someone a little more responsible. That aside, I’ve completed my phone screen with the other company and am just waiting for a response now.

The more I use WordPress, the more I am beginning to like it. I had previously attempted blogging at a competitor’s platform quite a number of times but I had never seen any traffic – not saying that I’m getting a thousand subscribers now but at least people are clicking and I’m rather impressed with it. Though I’d like to explore more customization options, I don’t feel that this blog has been established enough for me to move forward with a plan at this time. Perhaps, this really was a great way for me to get to know Automattic as a whole. So far, I’ve gotten to play around with WordPress and Gravatar, I currently have not found a need to experience their other applications but maybe someday I will.

I am very much thankful for the feedback that I received from the hiring team because honestly, how can I assist people with a product that I myself do not use? It only made sense. Two weeks have come and gone and as I am reflecting on the whole ordeal, this route has benefitted me in more ways than I had imagined. It is extremely therapeutic to type out all of my thoughts and feelings and this has helped my overall well-being a great deal.

It is not easy working in retail, and only other people who have worked in retail will empathize with you. There have been countless times that I just wanted to throw in my badge because of inconsiderate humans consistently pushing my buttons on purpose or they just happen to really believe that retail workers are scum on cement. Whatever the case, treat everyone with the dignity they deserve as a human being. If you were one of those assholes, how would you feel if I told you the cashier you took your anger out on this morning was only putting up with you just because she had a family to feed and rent to pay? How would you feel if I told you she was also attending school at night and is running on 2 hours of sleep but is still showing up to work on time with a bright smile on her face just so you can get that overpriced latte and get to the office by 9:00am? How would you feel if I told you after your less-than-pleasant interaction with her, she went to the back and harmed herself? KEEP THESE SCENARIOS IN MIND.

Majority of retail workers didn’t actually want to be a retail worker, life put them there –

and they don’t need your frustration with your own life or with their company to be reflected onto them. Don’t be an asshole.

This current week will consist of me attempting to read the books that were recommended and maybe you guys might even see me in the forums!


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