After being blessed with clear skin throughout my entire adolescence, I’ve finally been hit with the much dreaded adult acne. Having been inexperienced with battling acne in my teenage years, I’ve had an essentially difficult struggle dealing with acne as an adult. I’ve tried skin care and treatments from the drugstore to the high end brands at counters – much to my dismay, a lot of which had either failed immediately or had eventually stopped working. I’ve even stopped wearing complexion make-up due to my constant break-outs. More or less, I do understand my acne situation is more complicated than that of the norm. Mine derived from my hormonal imbalance due to PCOS – I’m actually an extremely hygienic person so I doubt my skin’s natural state is the issue. Having been put on birth control, much of my acne had in fact subsided but I’m now left with cystic acne for the most part.

I first heard about the Foreo Espada in June and after reading the reviews, I bit the bullet and added it to my cart. I’ve had pretty good experiences with the Foreo brand in general as I absolutely loved both the Luna 1 and Luna 2 for daily facial cleansing so I didn’t have any skepticism purchasing the Espada. My only concern was whether or not that it would have any effect on my cystic acne and that’s exactly what I’m covering today. The packaging arrived like pictured at the top and in it you will find the Espada, a carrying pouch, a charging cable, and a user manual. Please be advised that you’d need to have your own charging block as the cable is a USB-to-pin cable, and a separate USB adaptor is not included. On Sephora‘s website, it states that it takes one hour to charge the Espada and it will last for 180 uses (I have not counted, but I’ve charged it twice so far, including the initial charge). Keep in mind that I did not use this daily, but rather maybe 3-4 days a week with 5-8 zaps per session, depending on my skin’s condition.

espadalaserOnce you power on the Espada, you just position it on your face (see left). The Espada has red laser-like lights in the form of an X that shine through the lens and helps the user to pinpoint the exact location they wished to perform the treatment on. Once you locate the pesky spot that you wish to get rid of, you just rest the Espada on said spot and let it do it’s thing! The Espada uses blue light technology that is meant to kill bacteria, including the gunk underneath your skin. My experience with the Espada had been extremely pleasant, though some users had mentioned a burning sensation, I have not experienced that myself. I don’t necessarily have sensitive skin, but my skin is actually easily irritable. All I felt was the vibration (“T-sonic pulsations”) from the Espada that was meant to be part of the treatment. It has been about six weeks since I’ve had it and I am pretty satisfied with the results. Though it may appear that I still have a lot going on on my face but the majorityespada4 of it is just scarring from previous inflammations. The Espada does not claim to help with acne scarring, so I’d have to find other treatments for those – Vitamin C supposedly does wonders! The treatment only starts upon the device’s contact with the skin and lasts for 30 seconds. The vibration helps the blue light penetrate the skin’s outer layers for a deep treatment. Once the 30 seconds is up, the Espada will indicate so with a few distinguishable pulses and then proceeds to seize the treatment. The Espada automatically powers off after 3 minutes of stationary time (not in use) so you won’t ever have to worry about accidentally leaving it on after a session – a very handy function, if you ask me.

Just to clarify, the Espada doesn’t actually rid the skin of acne. From what I’ve observed, it does whatever it does and expedites the drying process of the blemish. So in reality, you still have your pimple, but it just never gets the chance to flourish and blossom and goes straight to dying. I’m great with words, aren’t I?

The Espada retails for $149. If you’re battling acne like your life depended on it like I am, give it a shot. I rate this a 8/10.


This review is not sponsored. The product has been paid for in full by myself and any statements regarding the product are my 100% honest opinions based on my own personal experience.

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