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While this is definitely not a new issue, it has been something that’s been on my mind recently considering that I can finally relate on both a professional and a personal level. I’ve noticed a lot of trash-talking and shunning of certain brands and companies lately and to be honest, that’s not okay. By all means, do what you feel is right, but at the same time, please consider how many lives you are indirectly affecting while you’re trashing these companies. They might have had one or two black sheep that made beyond poor decisions but that shouldn’t cost thousands of innocent, lower ranked employees their jobs and dignity.

You don’t know these people. You don’t know their story. You definitely don’t know their struggles.

All you do know is that they work for a company that you now hate purely for a decision that was made by someone sitting in their high rise office chair whom may possibly contribute little to nothing to the society. But because you think that everyone you speak with in the company must be there because they like the direction it goes in, you are now wrongfully redirecting your anger and displeasure at what we call the frontline workers, aka “sales people.” Frontline workers are indeed the face of any company as they are probably the only people you’ll ever interact with at each company – but we are also at the bottom of the totem pole. We don’t get a say in anything. When we tell you “no,” it’s because our boss said “no,” and their boss said “no,” and maybe even the boss above that. Frontline workers do their best to assist you but when it comes to company policies, we will not and can not budge. What majority of consumers fail to realize is that 90% of your problems are indeed beyond the store level’s control. You standing in the middle of the sales floor cursing out the sales person in front of you will not make your situation resolve itself, and on top of that, you just look like a fool. While you may feel better after shouting at an innocent employee for thirty minutes, said employee is either 1) cursing you to the 18th level of Hell (Buddism, Chinese Mythology), 2) contemplating quitting a job that is literally putting bread on their table every day, or 3) laughing at you with coworkers and maybe even family and friends after work, for being such an idiot – I tend to do all three, FYI.

***RANT*** Which part of “there are people who have arrived here before you so you have to wait for your turn” do you not understand? SERIOUSLY? I’ve had it with people of all living generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials) complaining that they have to wait or that they’re in a rush and requesting me to make it their turn faster. What. The. Fuck. I can’t pull more employees out of my ass, I can’t tell the clients in front of you to ask less questions and hurry the hell up so your privileged self can make it back to work because you chose to come in here during rush hour on your ten minute break, and I most certainly can’t “just do it for you” because my current post at this point in time is to literally just get you checked in so you can be helped in the order you arrived in – and no, you offering to help me check in clients so that I can get you out of here faster is not actually working in favor for both of us, just you, because I can get fired for that. Oh, and just a friendly reminder to Baby Boomers, when you tell us that we’ll be out of a job soon because we’ll be replaced by robots, guess what? We’ll still actually have a job because then we’d have to be on standby to help your technologically-challenged self to interact with said robot. Get a life, get educated, and stop making a fool out of yourself. You’re only even making that statement because you are already finding it difficult to use a vending machine (witnessed). ***END RANT***

When you’re having issues with a corporate/board decision, please make it about the decision, and not the brand.

Employees may represent a company but the company does not represent the employees.

Take your anger and frustration to where it needs to go, the board. Majority of companies have a contact form that you can fill out regarding anything and everything, use it. The board is getting paid the big bucks for doing absolutely nothing concerning real labor, the least they can do is read your damn complaints. Going into a store to display your full-fledged emotions will not solve your problem, not only that, now you’re also holding up the line of people who are there to do honest business.

If you have a product that is simply not working out for you, return it in a timely manner (within return period) or follow warranty claim procedures if applicable. All businesses provide you a written return/exchange/buyer’s remorse policy, it’s called a receipt. Please make it your responsibility to retain these records, it’s not the business’s job to make sure you got your shit together.

So far I’ve been speaking on professional experience, now let’s cover personal. WTF is up with people suddenly trashing an entire brand because of some idiot’s decision? As you may or may not know, I am a huge beauty junkie and one of my frequently patronized brands have come under fire due to a publicized scandal regarding the compensation that an individual they collaborated with received. Yes, it is completely disgusting that the individual got paid an upsettingly small amount for that collaboration considering the brand itself is a relatively successful brand, and the collaboration was a huge success as well, but that individual surely had signed a contract agreeing to the compensation expectation that was set prior to even starting the product development phase. I neither stand on the brand’s nor the public’s side on this situation. Whatever happened in that conference room is between the independent creator and the brand. Why is it any of your business to say that the business deal was unjust? The brand itself sells well enough on it’s own, there are no proven statistics that this collaboration made the brand any more money than it would’ve made without the collaboration. The same could’ve applied to the independent creator. Both parties benefited in a way that was fit, and both parties agreed to the same terms. Who are we to judge the brand for “underpaying” that individual? The brand makes awesome products that are tried and true. The brand had never indicated that it’s an advocate for underpaying employees and business partners. The brand had never done anything to you whether professionally or personally. Some of my most supported gurus have both publicly and subliminally rejected future recognition of the brand but they have class, they had never once said one bad thing about the brand as a whole but rather just touched base on their feelings toward the situation, and I completely respect that. Again, boycott all you want, but don’t trash the brand.

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