Monday Blues: My Journey to Happiness – Week 6

Finally caught up with my YouTube subscriptions (for the most part) and now I have an episode of Suits playing on the iPad. Where has the weekend gone?

Just a slight change in direction guys – this series was initially intended to document my progress of finding a career outside of retail and I feel like that could become rather repetitive or I’d run out of things to say real quick. I’d like to treat this more as a weekly recap on my job search, life at work, and just life in general. I’ll most likely be bouncing back and forth between a day-by-day short entry format and a reflective blog post format. Let’s take a look at this past week.

Tuesday – Friday was literally nothing more than just work, work, and more work. I’ve spent three days at my assigned location and one day at my floating location. I’ve gotten to know the team at my floating location a bit more and I’m completely torn by the situation. As I’ve mentioned, this door was completely slammed shut by upper management for traffic-based reasons. I accepted this fact and that is exactly why I am still sending out job applications every week.

Meet Fresh
Meet Fresh in Cupertino, CA

Saturday was a much enjoyed PDO. I’ve slept in a bit, making up for the lack of during the work week, and then made my way to one of my closest friend’s baby boy’s first birthday party. It was a great afternoon that got even better in the evening when my “future P.A.” spontaneously asked to go out for dessert in Cupertino. We ended the night with a stop at In-N-Out for some much needed sodium because we consumed way too much sugar.

Sunday was spent with the Mr. running errands and checking out some newer food and beverage establishments for market research. We did a bit of shopping and I finished the day with the launch of my new series Coffee With Grace (this might sound familiar to some of you) and my argument regarding Hot Pot vs. Shabu-Shabu, really, you should read it.

Today was just any other Monday for me. My “weekend” is usually Sunday-Monday and my Mondays are usually spent winding down and preparing for the next work week. Nothing special, just another Monday. Although, I have finished another phone screen and another interview has been scheduled, so there’s that.

This concludes this week’s Monday Blues and this might just be my shortest post yet.

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