Monday Blues: My Journey to Happiness – Week 7

Just got home from having dinner with the Mr. and his friends and I gotta say, I really am horrible with names and faces! This is a rather surprising discovery as I’m usually pretty good at remembering who I meet, guess there’s a first for everything.

I went for in for an interview Friday morning and to my surprise, it went exceptionally well. I believe that this is the one and only position I had applied for that was completely different than what I’ve been looking at in general. I saw a post for a position in the hospitality field and thought that it wouldn’t hurt to give it a go. You may not know this but my initial degree pursuit was in hospitality management but I changed my mind as I did not see it as a relevant major. That doesn’t matter at this point to be honest because I still have not even transferred to a proper university, let alone graduate. Moving on. I met with the HR manager and after going over an extensive list of qualifying and probing questions, she concluded that she did appreciate my personality and traits overall but really wished I was not lacking in the hotel area of experience. In her exact words, “that’s actually the easiest part to train and is coachable because you can teach a person how to use the system but you cannot teach them how to smile” – that was extremely comforting to hear. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions so I asked for feedback, it was generally a great meeting for both parties and shall I be moved forward, I will be meeting with my potential manager next. I won’t dwell on this situation too long as again, I did not see myself going this route at all but I am extremely grateful for the interviewing opportunity.

Meanwhile, I have still been on the lookout for more admin roles as well as operations opportunities but have not gotten many bites. The ones that have responded have all given me the generic “we’ve found someone better suited but we wish you good luck, let’s keep in touch,” blah blah blah. I’m pretty sure it’s all copy and paste. I actually appreciate the rejection more than the ones that don’t even bother because I have in the past received interviewing opportunities two years down the road – no, seriously. I honestly wonder if that company just hoards applications for oh-shit moments when they lose everybody at once (I’m rather familiar with this company and how it operates as I have many friends who work there). Anyway, the only interests I’ve drawn are from my employer’s competitors and honestly, I’m only throwing my resume out there because I no longer want to be in this field, what makes you think I would want to go to you when you’re the competitor is completely beyond me. I’ve invested six years in this company with the initial intention to move up but changed my approach entirely after being played time after time, I was completely satisfied with staying where I was until I retire. This plan isn’t going so well as I’ve mentioned previously how my health had been heavily affected by my job and on top of that, my position at all of the other competitors have finally been cut. It’s only a matter of months or maybe a year before my employer decides to cut and disperse this role’s responsibilities as well. I do not want to be forced into sales, if I had wanted to go into sales I would’ve done that from the beginning, which is also why I’ve been rejecting both regular employment and management opportunities with other competitors because I no longer wish to be in this field of work, or retail in general for that matter.

This has been a relatively simple week, it came and gone in a flash and I really am tired at this point. Until next week, goodnight folks!

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