Monday Blues: My Journey to Happiness – Week 8

Trust me when I say that I have definitely not been slacking off on blogging – though it may seem like it since I’ve appeared to have only kept up with Monday Blues for the past two posts. I’ve been drafting a much longer piece for the past week and a half and finally went out to snap some shots to go along with it today. The post is still currently being written as I have quite a bit to say and I want to take the time to organize my thoughts. I’m not exactly sure when this might be posted but my goal is by mid-month – don’t quote me on that.

It’s been quite the week here in San Francisco with The City’s temperature hanging in the triple digits on Friday! I really do miss Karl and hopefully he’d be back in town ASAP. This week has been interesting as it’s the first official week our new manager stepped in. I’ve worked with him before when he helped out for a bit at my old location but I haven’t concluded much seeing that he was extremely quiet and didn’t really interact with other employees. So far, we’ve had a one-on-one discussing my goals and concerns – including my actively seeking a new job. He was very understanding after I had explained my situation especially because I extended the courtesy to let him know beforehand rather than dropping the bomb on him at a later time. He appears a bit timid at first but others who’ve worked with him for an extended period of time previously had mentioned that he eventually warms up and will be an extremely helpful person. Only time will tell how well he will perform as a newly promoted manager, I wish him all the best.

I have completed a FaceTime interview meeting with a staffing agent just before the weekend. Funny how this one came about – I had actually applied to a position posted on a job board and had thought this company was what I was applying for. Little did I know, it was actually another staffing agency posting requisitions on behalf of their client. She had reached out to me first to conduct a phone screen and then we settled for a meeting to discuss what I’m looking for, what I offer, and what might work out. Overall, it was a great experience speaking with her and I actually felt that she was genuinely interested in what I do and what I want. The previous staffing agent that I “connected with” had only ever spammed my inbox with recent job postings. They had never once called or asked for what I’m looking for or anything of that nature, the only “conversation” I’ve had with them thus far was a single exchange of emails – the agent asking me for an updated resume and salary requirement and me responding to said email. Obviously, I never really relied on them for assistance. The one that I had just connected with however, indicated that she plans on doing check-ins to let me know what’s new and only if it fits my interests – considering that we had an in-depth discussion regarding my  actual skills and experience, I find that extremely personable. Honestly, a little courtesy can really go a long way. I had never intended to work with a staffing agency during my job hunt because I wasn’t exactly in a hurry to leave my current post. Granted that this job had indeed f*cked me over time and again, it really does pay decent for what I do. After watching the job market for almost two months, I’ve come to the realization that I really do have it pretty damn good! Financial burdens aside, at the end of the day, my health is what I am most concerned about at this point. My initial intention was to not leave the company unless I was getting a 30% increase with matched benefits but that seems like just a dream now. If the job fits, I’ll be willing to leave with equal pay for the sake of my well-being.

I am super excited to share my new project with you! This for sure is not my first YouTube channel, but it is the first one I’ve publicly shared. On my previous channels, all the videos were really just shot and immediately uploaded – mind, I have not filmed a YouTube video in over 7 years. I had zero experience in editing and this being my first video for my new channel, took approximately 6 hours just to edit. I took a significantly long time to figure out iMovie and still feel that I have loads to learn! I finally understand the amount of effort YouTubers put into their videos because honestly, I think it takes five times longer to produce a video than it does a blog. Don’t worry! This is just a new thing that I’ve been meaning to launch, I will still keep up with this blog.

Anyway, I figured I can’t be the only person in the world who’s nosy enough to watch other people’s day-to-day activities so I figured I’d start filming my day and sharing it as well! I hope you enjoy and please click the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE if you do! 🙂

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