Monday Blues: My Journey to Happiness – Week 9

It has been a relatively hectic week since I last blogged. I ended up working 6 consecutive days due to my counterpart being on vacation – no, I’m not complaining about 6 days, I understand there are people out there who work around the clock 7 days a week. I am merely just stating the fact that I worked 6 days, though not my roughest run yet considering I’ve done a 9-days run before. Anyway, I don’t anticipate this post to be substantially long so I want to cut to the chase.

We’ve been well beyond short-staff at the store lately, running with an average of 4 sales reps a day, the worse by far has been Saturday when we only had 3 reps. Though it’s a single shift, it was quite difficult getting breaks and lunches through, resulting in the team essentially just giving up their breaks and only taking a 30-minutes lunch. With that being said, I’ve been kept busy with managing the sales floor on top of my normal work. Overtime was thankfully not needed as we’ve been lucking out with clients exiting right before the end of our shift.

I’ve managed to squeeze in an evening during the week to work on that one piece that I had previously mentioned and it’s just about done. I think all I need now is to organize my thoughts a bit more and proofread and the piece should be up relatively soon! I am super excited about this because it had evidently become a bit of a personal project for me. I’ve picked at my memories for days and even went out to do a bit of photographing for this piece and I really hope that readers will enjoy it and will be able to relate. I can’t wait till it’s done!

I’ve received an email from my assigned staffing coordinator earlier in the week regarding a mandatory testing that I needed to complete within five days from assignment. I’ve honestly left it at the back of my mind the first three days and finally decided to give it a thorough look on the fourth day at around 11:00pm. Of course, that was a bit too late in the evening for me to be focusing on a set of skill tests. I’ve opted to complete it on my last allowed day, which was Saturday and found it to be extremely refreshing. The reason I say this is that I actually have not ever done skill tests like the ones that were assigned to me. Typically I would just answer a very long assessment, pass, and proceed with a background and drug test. Having the opportunity to test for my proffered skills was definitely a gain in my book because I as a candidate got the chance to better understand my actual level of expertise in these categories. Please excuse my vagueness, but for the privacy of both myself and my staffing agency, I will not disclose too many details regarding the testing. I am expected to hear back from my coordinator to discuss my results, I honestly can’t wait!

I happen to have a cousin in town who’s visiting from China on a business and leisure trip. The Mr. and I brought her around the city so that she can do some market research, and squeezing in a few tourist destinations in between. It was actually quite a day for us being that the Mr. and I had never explored the city as tourists together and had essentially never planned on doing so. Bringing my cousin around had given us the opportunity to explore our hometown and pick our brains at how much we actually know about our city. It was extremely fun playing both tour guide and tourist and it was super relaxing!

This pretty much sums up my week and I’ve just been notified a couple of hours ago that I was expected to attend a “leadership” outing tomorrow on company time, which is a lot more tempting than staying in a store with dysfunctional air conditioning in my opinion.

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