Monday Blues: My Journey to Happiness – Week 10

I sh*t you not, the intro to this post came to me while I was on the toilet this morning – no pun intended. On to serious business, I want to address my previous post, “My Asian-American Story” as well as the rest of my blog in it’s entirety. I’ve received feedback from a personal acquaintance that the post was lacking in the “visuals” department as well as providing enough in-depth explanations regarding some of the points in the post. My explanation was that the post was not meant to be a visual story, but more of a personal summary. I had not included many visionary descriptions because I had never intended for it to be an actual “story,” but rather, wanted to treat it as an article, leaning more in the personal blog direction. I wouldn’t have titled it “My Asian-American Article” though, because that simply just sounds absurd. As far as the details go, I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I will cover bullying in a completely different piece on it’s own in the future. I did not want the post to become drenched in so many life events that would somehow turn it into an autobiography. It seems that blogs have been around for so long and with so many different formats on the web, people have apparently forgotten what a classic personal blog is supposed to be like. There are no limits to blogging, I just happen to choose to stick with the “dear diary” format. This blog really just serves as an outlet for me if anything, so the “dear diary” format simply works best in my case.
***DISCLAIMER: No, I’m not butt hurt about the constructive criticism. I’m actually quite happy that my words are reaching friends and that they’re comfortable discussing strengths and flaws with me, you have no idea how rare it is for me to receive any feedback regarding my blog. I see the traffic thanks to the stats page on WordPress, but have no idea who’s reading and no clue where to start gathering feedback. I truly am grateful that someone is actually reading what I write and care enough to give their input. :)***

I fortunately had the opportunity to enjoy a 4-day weekend relaxing by myself. The Mr. has been busy with his business and was out of town, leaving me to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted over the weekend.

Friday I met up with my cousin who’s currently visiting from China and brought her around to do more research for her business. We literally spent three hours in the same mall and I surprisingly had not given in to the many items that caught my eye, though now I kind of wish I had searched harder for an outfit for this coming weekend and my upcoming vacation.

Saturday I was supposed to attend a toddler’s birthday gathering but my friend had notified me that the poor baby had unfortunately caught the stomach flu, therefore postponing the party that I now can no longer attend due to it being scheduled the same time as the wedding that I am attending this coming Saturday. I instead spent the morning relaxing and then met up with my future P.A. later in the afternoon for an açai bowl in the Castro. I’ve also gotten a chance to explore some juicing options and feel that this establishment may be a great place to start. I shall return after my vacation to pick up a cleanse/detox package. I visited my other friend in the evening to pick up some ginger vinegar (薑醋) and chicken wine (雞酒), both are soup dishes made to be consumed by the new mother and to treat family and friends in celebration of the newborn. With all of the baby festivities taking place, my motherly feels are once again hitting me hard.

Sunday I spent all day at home and struggling for the longest time trying to decide if I wanted to go work out. It was literally the most unproductive day yet the most relaxing. I’ve concluded that I will finally look into getting a gym membership given the questionable safety of my neighborhood in the recent years, which currently limits my wanting to go out for my evening strolls. It really isn’t all that bad, but better safe than sorry in my opinion.

Today I am writing from my desk at my house after fueling up with a much needed and delicious cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese iced coffee). Cleaning up the place was of course at the top of my to-do list and I fortunately got that out of the way in a heartbeat, I really do hate seeing unfolded laundry sitting in the basket and settled dust on the furniture.

September is quite a roller-coaster ride of a month. I literally just realized yesterday that I unintentionally scheduled back-to-back PTO for two consecutive weekends, followed by a vacation the first weekend of October. Totaling to three consecutive long weekends, this will be a great way to wind down before the beginning of the retail holiday season. Q4 really is just hell for those who do merchandising and sales operations as well as those who have commission as an incentive. To all my consumers out there, please remember to be kind and patient with us. The unfortunate locations are simply understaffed for the most part so please don’t take your frustration out on us when you have to wait, understand that there really is not much we can do as employees regarding staffing. And if anyone dare ask me why we don’t have enough people, my very blunt and honest answer will be that people no longer want to work in retail based on all of the true horror stories of people quitting all the time because of poor treatment from customers. The turnover rate is real, and the last thing you want as a consumer or employer is more people quitting during the busiest time of the year.

I’ve just proofread this post way too many times, my OCD is kicking in and my eyes are straining from the screen and the setting sun (my eyes are sensitive to light and prone to dryness). I shall end the post here. Enjoy your week!

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