Monday Blues: My Journey to Happiness – Week 11

FaceTiming with my future P.A. right now trying to pen in our itinerary for Vegas next week! So excited for our upcoming vacation. I know it’s just Vegas but honestly I only have four days and I need a quick getaway before the holiday season. Initially it was only just me and the Mr. but I figured that it’s been a while since our last rendezvous so I invited the P.A. as well. The Mr. ended up inviting a buddy of his and they’re going to Grand Canyon while the P.A. and I are doing a spa and tea day. Yay!

This was by far the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done – I left the house with absolutely no make-up on considering that I was only heading out to grab a coffee this morning but I ended up at the mall. The first thing I did was run into Sephora to put on some eyebrows, what can I say? Girl needs her brows!

This post is going to be a little bit more relaxed compared to my standard Monday Blues format as I really didn’t do much over the week aside from work. I’ve essentially put my job-hunt on hold for the time being because well, work hasn’t been all that bad lately. I really think that I was just in a tough situation being under poor leadership and that did absolutely nothing for me aside from driving me crazy (literally). I’m not saying that the current management team is amazing but it’s definitely better for my mental health than the last one was. I haven’t done much regarding my mental health other than attempting to live life as it is and to stay busy. After the many chats I’ve had with the Mr. previously, I think I’ve seen significant progress and am a lot better than I had been before. The whole job-hunt thing was really to keep myself occupied so that I wouldn’t get wayward thoughts, though that doesn’t mean I was any less serious about it. I definitely am still wanting to leave my current job but just no longer in a hurry to do so. Of course, I don’t want to stay “stuck” in my current work situation. Like I’ve mentioned before, this position will soon be obsolete due to the trend at other companies that’ve already gotten rid of this position. Not saying this job is not necessary, but other companies have already dispersed the responsibilities of this position amongst managers and sales reps. I’d rather just leave before my current employer decides to bite the bullet as well.

Moving on, I have a rather personal piece in the works and should be up mid-week. With my vacation in place for Sunday-Wednesday next week, I’m not sure if I can have a post up for next Monday so Week 12 is a pending situation at the moment. I’ll try my best to draft on my flight if I can but we’ll see. I really do just want to be able to enjoy my vacation with zero worries because I need it. Until then, Happy Monday! 🙂

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