fullsizeoutput_11I snagged this baby up with my VIB Rouge discount back in October and used it an average of 1.5 times a week, give or take. While it seemed too good to be true to be able to get the benefits of microneedling at home, I still wanted to give it a shot as my face has been suffering from a significant amount of scarring from my cystic acne caused by PCOS. The selling point of the BEAUTYBIO GloPRO that really sold me was the fact that it’s supposed to deliver results similar to clinical microneedling like skin cell rejuvenation, which is exactly what I need.

img_9228It uses red LED light and “VibroTactile” technology which I honestly don’t even know what that means, but it’s supposed to replicate the real microneedling experience. The tool vibrates when on and the red light does not generate any heat. It’s claimed that the GloPRO will help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines, improve absorption, and corrects uneven skin tone and texture. I’ve decided to put this to the test because girl can use all the help she can get. I got the full kit from Sephora.com which includes the GloPRO preloaded with AAA batteries, sample sizes of their cleanser, serum, and moisturizer, five prep pads to use before the tool, and an empty spray bottle for alcohol for disinfecting. To be honest, I’ve only used the tool itself and the spray bottle, I have yet to try any of the skin care so I can’t comment on the kit as a whole.

The GloPRO itself has worked pretty well in the sense that it does indeed improve absorption of skin care products. To give you an idea, I start with a toner, followed by the GloPRO – rolling it all around my face for about a minute, essence, lotion, moisturizer, and lastly, eye cream. The absorption time is significantly quicker with use of the GloPRO and it’s noticeably so. I have rather tight pores (nothing to complain about!) so I feel like my skincare products always take extremely long to sink in if it even does. No more sticky mess for the next hour as everything is drunken up within minutes after using the GloPRO. I’ve read in other reviews that there’s a “flaking period” where the skin is adjusting to the new routine but I personally did not experience that problem.

img_9229.jpgIt is recommended in the directions that the GloPRO is to be used three times a week but as mentioned above, I’ve only averaged about 1.5 times a week from the beginning of November until now. I am liking the results so far as I have noticed a difference in my skin and a few of my acne scars have lightened up quite a bit. Overall texture and skin tone have witnessed a very slight improvement but the one claim that did prove to be true immediately was the absorption rate. The MicroTip attachment does need to be replaced every 90 days and retails for $35 a pop. The GloPRO kit at Sephora is currently priced at $199. I would personally wait for the spring discount to stock up on the replacement heads. For anyone who’s like me and is afraid of needles and have a low tolerance for pain, give the GloPRO a shot. I promise you it does not hurt and even on the more sensitive spots, it’s just a slight prick. I rate this product a 9/10.

This review is not sponsored. The product has been paid for in full by myself and any statements regarding the product are my 100% honest opinions based on my own personal experience.

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