Self-Awareness (Lack Of)

I’ve discussed and established with many different people these past few years that “common sense” is no longer common – well, now I can apply that same view to “common courtesy.” It’s quite ironic and infuriating that I found that I have quite a few of these people in my life whom I personally chose to keep in my life, and close for that matter, considering that these are the very type of people that makes my blood boil the most. Of course, all examples I give will include both personal acquaintances as well as just strangers that I happened to have observed in my day-to-day life. I don’t love these people any less, I just wish that they are more aware of how they behave rather than constantly leaving their heads up their own asses.

Do you recall ever being told to always “clean up after yourself” as a child? I do. If I make a mess, I clean it up. Whether I’m at home or elsewhere, that never changes. Giving these people the benefit of the doubt, maybe they had abide by that rule when they were younger, but what changes when you grow into adulthood? What some people clearly don’t understand (or probably don’t care) is that a lot of times, their behavior reflects how their family had raised them. Is that fair to their parents? Absolutely not, but that’s always the first impression, “who raised such a demon child like you?” and “haven’t your mother taught you any manners?” are the very first questions that pop into my head when I witness these individuals acting this way. Let me explain: If I invite you over to eat, and you just so happen to have been the last to arrive and the table’s already been cleared before you sat down, the least you could do is bring your own dish to the sink. Washing the dishes is definitely not expected because again, you are my guest – but if you are to be obscenely late to the party (literally everyone’s finished), you are expected to walk your own plate over. I’m not sure what’s expected at your house and what’s not, but common courtesy is to at the least pick up after yourself, like you were hopefully taught when you were a child. Same thing applies to self-serve establishments. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen assholes leave their trays at tables in self-serve places. You had to throw away your trash when you ate in the cafeteria when you were in school, what’s different now that you’re a grown adult? Don’t get me started with demon kids. When I went to other people’s houses when I was a kid, even when I was a toddler, if I made a mess, my dad will tell me to pick it up myself or he’d do it if I was really not having it and he didn’t want to make a scene, but I’ll definitely get it later when we get home. That’s how I plan on raising my would-be children. Other people on the other hand, watch their kids drop crumbs all over other people’s floors, don’t tell them to pick their shit back up, and don’t bother to do it themselves either. What the fuck?

Here’s a fun one, you see a mother struggling with a stroller in front of the bus entrance, what do your instincts tell you to do? Mine tells me to either offer her help or wait patiently until she’s safely gotten on the bus because let’s be real, that bus isn’t going anywhere until at least she gets on. But what does this other person do? Run pass the mother to hop on the bus themself without even as little as a simple “excuse me.” This is also a common occurrence on airplanes. I get that not everyone gets to fly often, for some people it might even be their first time, but if someone in front of you is in the middle of retrieving their luggage from the overhead bin, common sense (if you don’t want to get knocked in the head) and common courtesy is to wait til they’re done and on their way before you start heading for the exit again. Some people on the other hand, want to keep squeezing pass you so that they can exit as if the plane will take off again soon with everyone still on it. Do you have somewhere to be? Because the ten seconds for me to pull my suitcase down won’t kill anyone. This happens the other way around too, more likely on an international flight though. Usually there’s two lines to get through the gate, the “gentleman” from the other line runs and cuts us off on our way onto the boarding ramp. I swear we’re on the same flight, not sure if he’ll get there any faster just by rushing pass us but hey, common sense and courtesy are not that common.

Do I even dare dabble into the topic of service work? There’s a lot of media floating around in particular during the holidays that serves the purpose of reminding people that retail and hospitality workers are human too and to treat them kindly. Well, I’m not even asking people for so much as to be kind, just don’t be a bitch. There are plenty of things that I would love to say but I really can’t, my life is a curse. Maybe I’ll whip up that “Things I Wanted To Say But Couldn’t While Working in Retail” post someday.

Do you know someone who will act stupid just to get a reaction out of you and to “prove” that they were correct but actually couldn’t be more wrong? They argue just to argue. Like that’s their defense mechanism likely because they’ve successfully gotten out of a lot of shit by pulling that card when they were younger. That doesn’t fly when you’re pushing 40 though, just saying. It’s one thing if you’re actually challenged and missed the “critical thinking and analysis” portion of your education, and if you’re already in your thirties, it’s going to be quite difficult to teach you any type of logic or reasoning at all. When you’re doing it on purpose though, you just look like an ass. Of all the people that I’ve interacted with this year who lack common sense, this one takes the cake (literally). Who the fuck photobombs everyone and their moms at someone else’s wedding? Who in their right mind will go around toasting at all the tables like it’s their wedding when they’re not even nearly part of the bridal party or family? Bromance or not, who on Earth steps forward in the middle of cake-cutting photos to snatch a bite of wedding cake from the groom? What pisses me off the most is that I can’t even be mad at this person because you just can’t argue with stupid. I confronted this person about everything they did and all they could say was “really? oh, did I? I don’t remember. No, I didn’t even drink that much.” like they genuinely do not think they did anything wrong and kept changing the subject.  Clearly this is bothering me, that’s why I’m talking to you about it in the first place. Not the simplest form or inkling of an apology was offered. I really want to say that an apology will do absolutely nothing for me as I’ll never have that day back, but in reality, I was too drunk to even realize how ridiculous this person was in the first place. I’m only finding out about all of the aforementioned behavior through multiple wedding guests. Talk about embarrassing (hint: I’m not referring to myself). Would an apology actually do anything for me though? I can’t say, but it definitely won’t if said person still doesn’t realize that they somewhat ruined our wedding had I remembered it. If it’s not pure ignorance, it’s definitely thick skin and knowing this person, it’s not the latter. Like a good friend had told me, even though this little shit acted this way, I won’t let them take our “special day” away from me. It really was a gorgeous day and I couldn’t have asked for better people to celebrate it with. I already told the photobomber I will be cropping them out of all the photos they bombed. I’m not sure if these people actually lack the ability to reflect on their actions or behavior or they just choose not to. Whatever the case, you’re the one that looks like an idiot.

On that note, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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