What’s Yours is Mine?

Not quite. We live in an age where lots of people have this deranged idea that "if you're not doing anything with it, then it's mine." Some examples are kids who are waiting for an inheritance or individuals that marry into money. They literally don't believe in working because they "know" that they'll end up … Continue reading What’s Yours is Mine?

A Third Approach

They say, "if you don't love what you do, do what you love." Exactly how many people are able to do what they love on this planet? Now, I'm talking in a sense that this refers to being able to land a job in a field that you're most happy with or even starting your … Continue reading A Third Approach

A Hope For Recovery

It has been over a week since the Las Vegas shooting and five days since I've returned to San Francisco. I initially started to blog about the night when we were all hiding in our friends' room but deleted the post before even publishing it because 1) I did not want to recall that night's … Continue reading A Hope For Recovery

The Curious, The Temptress, and The Faithful

I imagine that this can spark a lot of rage from people of all walks of life, but please finish reading this post before you start foaming at the mouth - much appreciated. Having been in several relationships in the past, I can assure you that temptation has definitely crossed my path more times than … Continue reading The Curious, The Temptress, and The Faithful

My Asian-American Story

I am a second generation Chinese-American. Both of my parents immigrated to San Francisco, CA, USA from Guangzhou, China in the '80s. I was born and raised in The City and Cantonese was my first language. I attended preschool in the oldest Chinatown in America, where I first learned my ABC's and had my first … Continue reading My Asian-American Story