The Curious, The Temptress, and The Faithful

I imagine that this can spark a lot of rage from people of all walks of life, but please finish reading this post before you start foaming at the mouth - much appreciated. Having been in several relationships in the past, I can assure you that temptation has definitely crossed my path more times than … Continue reading The Curious, The Temptress, and The Faithful

My Asian-American Story

I am a second generation Chinese-American. Both of my parents immigrated to San Francisco, CA, USA from Guangzhou, China in the '80s. I was born and raised in The City and Cantonese was my first language. I attended preschool in the oldest Chinatown in America, where I first learned my ABC's and had my first … Continue reading My Asian-American Story

Hot Pot vs. Shabu-Shabu

Upon discovering that there are quite a number of people who still can't distinguish the difference between hot pot and shabu-shabu, I've become determined to come on here to elaborate. Now if you're not familiar with these two methods of dining, they both essentially consist of a boiling pot of broth and a variety of items … Continue reading Hot Pot vs. Shabu-Shabu