Monday Blues: Why I Left My Job of 7 Years

Today's workforce - where do I even begin? We've officially entered the era where "job-hopping" is a thing. Gone are the days where one would enter a company and that would be their "career" for life. In the land of opportunities, the opportunities are plenty but not because there's a constant need for additional workers, … Continue reading Monday Blues: Why I Left My Job of 7 Years

Monday Blues: Moving On

It's official, I have finally turned in my resignation letter. The moment was bittersweet. It's been about ten months since I started job searching purely for the sake of my sanity and simply for a change in environment. Throughout the past ten months, it never once occurred to me that what I realistically needed was … Continue reading Monday Blues: Moving On

Monday Blues: Goodbye, 2017

While it may appear superficial to claim that I will be leaving all the less happy moments behind in 2017, that ultimately will be the goal this year. Most definitely a lot has occurred last year and majority of it had brought me to the point in my life where I actually felt a push … Continue reading Monday Blues: Goodbye, 2017

Monday Blues: The New Norm

San Francisco - oh, how I love thee. I was just finishing up my reflection piece last week as the smell of firewood drifted into the house. I recall asking the Mr. if he smelled anything but he happened to have a stuffy nose so he was no help there. It was later confirmed at … Continue reading Monday Blues: The New Norm

Monday Blues: My Journey to Happiness – Week 11

FaceTiming with my future P.A. right now trying to pen in our itinerary for Vegas next week! So excited for our upcoming vacation. I know it's just Vegas but honestly I only have four days and I need a quick getaway before the holiday season. Initially it was only just me and the Mr. but … Continue reading Monday Blues: My Journey to Happiness – Week 11