48 Hours in NYC

Links to my Yelp reviews for certain restaurants are included in this post. Be sure to click on them to check out my thoughts on these places! Hotwire... where do I begin? If you think that $138 a night at a "four-stars" hotel in Times Square is a deal too good to be true, you would be … Continue reading 48 Hours in NYC

Monday Blues: Moving On

It's official, I have finally turned in my resignation letter. The moment was bittersweet. It's been about ten months since I started job searching purely for the sake of my sanity and simply for a change in environment. Throughout the past ten months, it never once occurred to me that what I realistically needed was … Continue reading Monday Blues: Moving On

Monday Blues: Goodbye, 2017

While it may appear superficial to claim that I will be leaving all the less happy moments behind in 2017, that ultimately will be the goal this year. Most definitely a lot has occurred last year and majority of it had brought me to the point in my life where I actually felt a push … Continue reading Monday Blues: Goodbye, 2017

Monday Blues: The New Norm

San Francisco - oh, how I love thee. I was just finishing up my reflection piece last week as the smell of firewood drifted into the house. I recall asking the Mr. if he smelled anything but he happened to have a stuffy nose so he was no help there. It was later confirmed at … Continue reading Monday Blues: The New Norm

A Hope For Recovery

It has been over a week since the Las Vegas shooting and five days since I've returned to San Francisco. I initially started to blog about the night when we were all hiding in our friends' room but deleted the post before even publishing it because 1) I did not want to recall that night's … Continue reading A Hope For Recovery